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Welcome To Coteau Tiling Inc.

At Coteau Tiling Inc. we strive to create the best custom land drainage system that fits your needs.

We also offer Deep Dewatering solutions.

Design is our specialty

We offer tile systems designed by a Civil Engineer.  Coteau Tiling Inc. makes sure the field drainage system is designed and installed with the greatest possible care.

Coteau Tiling Services

  • Drainage Tile Instillation of All Sizes
  • Deep Dewatering
  • Excavator and Dozer Work
  • Backhoe Work

At Coteau Tiling Inc. we strive to meet the satisfaction requirements of our clients.

  • Tile System Design by a Civil Engineer
  • Drainage Tile Installation
  • Tile Repair
  • Tile Surveying
  • System Add On
  • Water Control Structures