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Tile and Dewatering Products

We offer tile installation of all sizes.

  • We have the ability to machine lay large diameter dual wall tile.
  • With Dewatering pipe we can go to depths of 15 ft or more. 

Coteau Tiling has multiple self propelled machines available to meet your specific needs for your project. We have the ability to think "outside the box" to get your particular job accomplished.

We listen to the customer

  • We design and install the tile system to meet the customers specific requirements.
  • We make complete maps of all installed tile.
  • Tile lines can be located and added on to in the future.
  • We can make changes to the plan to meet the customers needs at any time during the project.

Products Features

  • Lift stations available using pumps that meet your needs.
  • Tile exits and intakes installed to minimize soil erosion risks.